In this storie, we will show 5 of the new MIUI 14 Global features that will be for a better user experience

MIUI 14 Global latest 5 features you should know 

Super Icon

This new MIUI 14 Global feature allows the user to set a custom size to any icon on the home screen.

New Folder

This new MIUI 14 Global feature allows choosing a different folder layout where the folder looks bigger or smaller on the home screen. 

 Fast Connect (Bluetooth)

This feature makes it so that when you turn off the Bluetooth, instead of turning it off, it stays on but stops searching for anything until you turn it back on. 

New Wallpaper

As all other MIUI updates bring new sets of wallpapers with the latest release, MIUI 14 Global will also come with new wallpapers.  

Reduced Amount of App

Now it is around only eight apps, while on older MIUI releases we could even see over 15 apps.  

New Widget

There are also some more new widgets on MIUI 14 Global, with the option to quickly switch between them.