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Top 7 Best Universal Travel Adapters in India 2024


Aapke abroad trips ke liye, aapka phone or laptops to charge hone chahiye. Issliye check out the review of the top 7 best international Travel Adpters in India.

Kya aapko multiple chargers carry karne se pareshani ho rahi hai? Ek adapter mein sab kuch aajaye toh kitni acchi baat hai! Phone, tablet, laptop, sab kuch ek saath charge karein, bina kisi problem ke.

Usually, International trips mein jab hum different desho mein jaate hain, wahaan ke plug points kafi different hoti hai. To ese pareshani ko kaise kam kiya jaaye? Isska solution hai ek Universal Travel Adapter ka istemal!

Universal Travel Adapter aapko 150+ desho ke liye ready rakhta hai. Aap chahe jahaan bhi jayein, yeh aapke electronic devices ko seamlessly charge karega. Issme device me aapko milta hai multiple international USB ports. That means happy traveling guys!

Safety shutters, surge protection, aur child-proof features ke saath, aapke devices ko kisi bhi prakar ki choti-moti problems nahi hogi. Charging karte waqt bhi, aap aur aapke devices safe rahenge.

Toh dosto, ab samajh gaye na ki ek Universal Travel Adapter ka istemal kyun zaroori hai? Ab aap bina kisi tension ke, har jagah apne devices ko full power pe chala sakte hain. Travel karo, explore karo, aur apne devices ko bhi fully charge karo!

Destinio Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Adapters

Introducing the Destinio Black All-in-One Travel Adapter with international compatibility for 150+ countries. This smart adapter features dual USB ports for fast charging, supporting various devices. Packed with safety features and certifications, it ensures worry-free travel. Comes with a 10-year extended warranty for peace of mind.

All-in-one multipurpose designDoes not convert electrical output
Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging 
Dual USB ports for simultaneous charging 
Compact and lightweight design 

Nik case Universal Travel Adapter, International Plug Adapter

Introducing Nik Case’s Black Worldwide Adapter – a compact, 160g powerhouse equipped with 4 plug types for 200+ countries. It features 1 USB-C and 2 USB-A ports, supporting fast charging for multiple devices. The versatile AC outlet accommodates various plug types, making it ideal for travelers. Safety features, certifications, and a 1-year warranty ensure a secure and reliable travel companion.

Worldwide compatibility (200+ countries)Not compatible with Type D (India) or Type M (South Africa) sockets
Multiple USB ports for simultaneous chargingDoes not convert voltage
Versatile AC outlet for various plug typesNot recommended for high-power appliances over 2000W
Safety features: 10A fuse, safety shutters, separate plug lock system 

SKADIOO Universal Travel Adapter, International All in One Worldwide Travel Adapter

Travel Adapters

Introducing SKADIOO’s 2U Black Universal Travel Adapter – the ultimate solution for more than 150 countries, supporting various plugs like US/EU/UK/AU. With safety shutters, dual USB ports, and detachable charger, it’s an all-in-one travel companion. The charger adapter plug doesn’t convert electrical output but offers convenience and safety. Compact, fire-proof, and backed by a 24-month warranty, it’s your go-to for global charging.

Safety shutters for user protectionDoes not convert electrical output
All-in-one design with 5 detachable input plugsSeptum collision noise when shaken
Dual USB charging ports for various devicesNot suitable for high-powered appliances
Compact and easy to carry 

PRIME DEALS Universal Travel Adapter

Introducing Prime Deals’ White International Travel Adapter, accepting plugs from over 150 countries. With dual USB ports (DC5V 2.1A), it’s compatible with various devices. The compact design includes built-in safety shutters for user protection. It converts power outlets but doesn’t alter electrical output. Ideal for indoor use, it comes with a fiber bag and instructions in English and Chinese.

Dual USB ports for versatile device chargingDoes not convert electrical output
Built-in safety shutters for user protection 
Comes with a fiber bag and multilingual instructions 

Destinio Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Adapters

Introducing Destinio’s Black International Travel Adapter – a compact, all-in-one solution for 150+ countries. Featuring 5 USB ports (2 Type C & 3 USB A) for simultaneous fast charging. With safety features and certifications, it’s compatible with various devices. Backed by a 5-year warranty, this versatile travel companion ensures worry-free charging in any country.

5 USB ports for simultaneous fast chargingNo voltage conversion
Compatible with various devices (phones, cameras, tablets, etc.)Not suitable for high-powered appliances
Compatible with various devices (phones, cameras, tablets, etc.) 

Ceptics Universal Travel Adapter

Introducing Ceptics, the safest universal travel adapter designed in the USA. This all-in-one adapter package ensures worry-free charging in Europe and worldwide. Charge up to 6 devices simultaneously, including iPhones, tablets, and laptops, with various output types. Safety-certified with surge protection, built-in shutters, and child-proof features. Note: It’s not a voltage converter, so check your device compatibility. Full Ceptics support available for any questions.

All-in-one universal travel adapterNot suitable for high-powered appliances
Charges up to 6 devices simultaneouslyNot suitable for 110V devices
Safety-certified with surge protection, built-in shutters, and child-proof features 

rts Universal Travel Adapter

Travel Adapters

The Brand RTS Universal Travel Adapter is a versatile wall socket with compatibility for various devices including iPhone, iPad, HTC, Kindle, LG, Motorola, Nintendo Switch, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and more. It features worldwide charging capabilities, safety protection, and dual USB charging ports.

The package includes the adapter, warranty card, and manual. The black adapter, with 240V input voltage, can mount on walls and offers a universal solution for international travelers. MIZO provides a 24-month limited warranty and 24/7 customer service.

Universal compatibility with 150+ countriesMay be bulkier compared to specific plugs
Safety protection with built-in shuttersMay not support high-power devices
Dual USB charging ports for multiple devices 
Detachable charger with 5 input plugs 
240V input voltage for international use 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best universal travel adapters in India?

The universal travel adapters in India are:

Well all of them are the best options, still our favourites are,

  • Destinio Universal Travel Adapter
  • Ceptics Universal Travel Adapter
  • Nik case Universal Travel Adapter, International Plug Adapter

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