Top 5 Car Air Purifiers in India: 2022 Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Car Air Purifiers Reviews In India

Looking for the best air purifier for your car? These car air purifiers can save you from ingesting contaminated air inside the car. We are all looking for ways to survive this drastic time with what we all suffer from the Delhi Air pollution hitting it’s an all-time high. Apart from the bad effects that air pollution from Delhi has on our bodies if you’re one of those people that get fed up with the odor inside the car, then we’re suggesting these Car Air purifiers for you. Things get worse when you can’t drive down with your window, either because of the pollution outside the weather.

A car air purifier offers multiple benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Provide a safe and clean environment inside the car The air purifier helps in purifying the air and helps you in getting rid of all the pollutants, thereby making it safe and clean for everyone.
  • Maintain a new and odorless interior inside the vehicle By neutralizing the odor compounds and preventing them from circulation inside the car, purifiers also fight against odors and another unpleasant odor. That will help you enjoy an enjoyable and fresh ride.
  • Eliminates allergens, germs and toxins It turns out that air purifiers are very useful for people with allergies or other respiratory problems, such as pneumonia and bronchitis. We work to eliminate disease-causing germs or bacteria so you can take in new and reduce these diseases ‘ effects.
  • Promote easy and fresh breathing If the purifier is on, people suffering from dust allergies will immediately get to know the difference. Such purifiers work to eliminate odors, pollen, and other dangerous microorganisms in the vehicle to create an environment free of dust for you.

1. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

The Honeywell brand has a century of history in delivering sturdy, solid, and high-quality products. This air purifier is no different. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier is the first product on this list due to its compact design, super-efficient air cleaning, quick installation and extremely fast’ one-button function.’

It has a sleek rectangular design that can be placed either on the surface of the flat dashboard or on the tray of the back parcel. This purifier has a 24.4x 20.6x 7.4 cm dimensions and weighs 989 g.

It comes with a power cable, user sheet, a quick start guide, filter and two sets of Velcro fasteners to help keep it in place when driving the vehicle.


  • Good efficiency HEPA Filter.
  • Carbon double-layer filter.
  • Long Cable Energy.
  • Fortified velcro fasteners.
  • Indicator to replace the filter.
  • It does not emit ozone The process is simple.


  • No indicator of air quality.
  • Slightly expensive cost of replacing the filter.
  • Noisy fan mode Turbo.

2. ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter UV Lamp Ioniser

If you want an air cleaner loaded with features for your car you’d love this product. It has 2 fan speeds and a’ smart mode’ which detects the car’s air quality and adjusts its functionality. The 6-stage air filtration system, 2 years warranty, and a staggering 30 M3/hr clean air distribution performance secured it the 2nd spot.

Though it is costs slightly lower than the Honeywell filter, the lack of a filter replacement indicator and the short power cable of only 1.2 meters put it slightly behind Honeywell.

It removes dust, dirt, pollens, allergens, microbes, PM 2.5, VOCs and formaldehyde and, through its 6-layer filtrating, makes the air purer than ever.


  • 6-layer filtration system
  • Low filter maintenance costs
  • Good customer support service
  • Availability of smart mode 2 years warranty
  • A USB smartphone charging port


  • No Air shift indicator
  • Short power cable
  • No indicator of air quality

3. Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier

Philips, the company doesn’t need an introduction. Since 1891, it has been introducing goods fitted with cutting edge technologies. The inclusion of a High-Efficiency Specific Air (HESA) filter along with HEPA is what sets this car purifier apart from the others on this list.

The highly active HEPA filter has a 14 m3/hr CADR, which will exterminate most particulate matter like PM 2.5. The HESA is designed to clean the air at a rate of 11.5 m3/hr and works by sucking away toxic fumes, gasses, and smoke which most filters can not remove.


  • Automatic on/off the long power cord
  • Simple to mount and work
  • Sensitive touch control
  • Pressure and thermal shock resistant
  • Quick air cleaning within 13 minutes


  • Just one year of manufacturer warranty
  • You can’t install it on the dashboard

4. Airspa With Device Car Air Purifier 

Airspa was launched in 2015 and is a promising brand. Since then it has been delivering durable goods at reasonable prices. This budget-friendly car air purifier uses a HEPA filter and an ionizer to kill PM 2.5, bacteria, viruses, formaldehyde, benzene, and other contaminants so you and your family can breathe in a safer environment.

Although it has a sleek look and fits easily into a car’s cup holder, this machine’s CADR is only 7m3/hour, and it’s also responsive to the outside temperature, which is why it places 4th on this chart.


  • Sturdy constructed
  • Filter life is long, lightweight and portable
  • Has USB port for fast operation and smartphone charging


  • Requires just one type of installation
  • compact design
  • No filter shift indication
  • Has no customizable ventilator modes

5. JSB HF132 Car Air Purifier with HEPA Filter

For over 30 years JSB has been manufacturing trustworthy machinery. This JSB car purifier has an uncomplicated process since it comes with just one power button. It has a scientific design allowing it to circulate clean air in every direction.

Because of its price tag which is on the higher side, it ranks 5th in this list. This purifier’s CADR is 7 m3/hr, with a 4 m3 coverage area. In addition, it also has an ionizer that releases anions to eliminate odors and bacteria.


  • Excellent customer support and after-sales service
  • Uses HEPA and an ionizer
  • Active in odors elimination
  • Comes with USB port
  • Modern clean air delivery


  • Higher price point
  • Lacks filter replacement indicator
  • Has no adjustable ventilator speeds

Frequently asked questions

Can I have the air purifier installed in my car alone?
It’s very easy to install an air purifier inside the car and you don’t need any professional to do so. You can just plug the lighter socket into the cigarette and you’re good to go.
Some models provide a Micro-USB USB interface. You will need a USB adaptor to install those models. You can then plug this adaptor into the car’s cigarette lighter socket.

Which is India’s Best Car Air Purifier?
The choice of a car air purifier depends on several factors such as the level of pollution, the type of mounting preferred and the budget. We would, however, consider air purifiers for the Honeywell Moving Pure and the Philips GoPure vehicle. These air cleaners are time-tested, efficient, reliable, made from a material of good quality and are durable.

Why do I need to buy an air purifier when I have an air conditioner in my car already?
The air-conditioner and air purifier functions are very different. An AC acts more like a fridge; it keeps a car cool inside. But it can not eliminate pollutants of fine size and toxic gasses which are harmful to health.


The Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier is our pick thanks to its simplicity, quality, high performance, and reasonable price. However, if you want a few additional features within the same price range and live in an area with a high level of toxic gases, you may want to settle for the Philips GoPure Car Air Cleaner because it uses a HESA filter along with a HEPA.

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