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Top 10 Best Submersible Water Cooler Pumps in India 2024


Are you looking for the best air submersible water Cooler Pumps? Look no further and jump into this guide!

As soon as summer starts, people take various measures to avoid it. This includes the purchase of appliances such as air coolers. Imagine it’s a hot summer day and you and your father are trying to fix the motor pump of the air cooler which gets damaged every frustrating time.

The key to an uninterrupted cool breeze lies in investing in the right quality water pump for your air cooler. Why Settle for Less? Choose Quality, Choose Comfort! Whether you have a compact cooler for personal use or a powerful unit to cool a larger space, our cooler water pumps boast universal compatibility, catering to a wide range of air cooler models.

Make this upcoming summer season different – invest in the right submersible water pump for your air cooler, and reclaim control over your comfort. Don’t let the scorching heat dictate your mood; let the cool breeze of a well-functioning air cooler be your refuge.

Here is the list of the top 10 best cooler water pumps for 2024

ELOVE 18-Watt Submersible Water Pump

Introducing the Elove 18-Watt Pump – a sleek and efficient solution for your water circulation needs. With a compact design measuring 10×8.3×9.3 cm, this black or white plastic pump is lightweight at 370 grams.

Powered by corded electricity with a 92 cm cable, it delivers a maximum flow rate of 1100 liters per hour and lifts water up to 2.8 meters. Elevate your pumping experience with the powerful and compact Elove pump.

Powerful and EfficientShort Cable Length
Versatile Usage 
Durable and Long-Lasting 

 SHARP IKON 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump

Introducing the SHARP IKON Submersible Pump – a powerful and durable solution for your water needs. Crafted with stainless steel, it boasts a robust build with a maximum flow rate of 2.5 liters per second.

Operates quietly with low power consumption, ensuring efficient performance. Comes with a 5-meter cable, panel board, bend, and a 1+1 year extended warranty for added peace of mind. A reliable choice for pumping water up to 100 feet, ideal for various applications.

Efficient PerformanceNoisy Operation
Efficient Performance 
Excellent Output 
Installation Versatility 

Littelpump Indoma Submersible Pump

Introducing LittelPump, the ideal submersible pump for your desert cooler or small garden fountain. With easy plug-and-play installation, this 18W powerhouse operates under 165-220V, ensuring energy efficiency.

Crafted from durable ABS virgin plastic, it’s compact, easy to disguise, and features a detachable, no-tool design for effortless cleaning. Backed by a 1-year warranty, it’s a reliable choice for hassle-free water circulation in your indoor space or garden.

High Pressure and Water FlowLack of Water Flow Control Valve
Compact and Cute Design 
Good Performance 
Affordable Pricing 

FEDUS 40 Watt Cooler Submersible Water Pump

Introducing FEDUS Multicolour Fountain Pump – a powerful and versatile solution for water circulation needs. With a true flow rate of 3200 LPH and a lifting height of 2.6m, this pump features a high-quality 40W motor for energy efficiency.

Ideal for aquariums, fountains, hydroponic systems, and air coolers, it operates quietly, consuming only 40 watts of electricity. The no-tool detachable design facilitates easy cleaning, and the inbuilt thermal protection ensures durability. Enjoy peace of mind with a 6-month replacement warranty, making it a reliable choice for all your water circulation needs.

Good Product QualityShort Wire Length
Right Size and Price 
Easy Installation 
Excellent Pressure 

GLUN® ARPAN 18 Watt Submersible Pump

Introducing GLUN’s Multicolour Submersible Water Pump, a versatile 18W motor that efficiently lifts water up to 5-6 feet. Ideal for aquariums, fountains, and various water features, this pump can circulate 1000 liters of water in just one hour. Compact and easy to install, it comes with a 2-pin plug and a 1/2 inch output pipe, making it suitable for diverse applications in confined spaces.

Efficient PerformanceWire Quality Concerns
Problem Resolution 
Effective Water Draining 
Compact Size 

Axmon® 40 Watt Submersible Pump

Introducing our Ultra Quiet Water Pump with a reliable and durable motor, ensuring a noise-free environment. With low power consumption at 40 watts and an impressive water lifting capability of 7 feet, it offers high performance, featuring a high flow rate, energy efficiency, and long life. The compact design is perfect for space-saving in aquariums, ponds, and fish tanks.

Reliable and effectivePlastic Valve Durability
Silent Operation 
Value for Money 
Quality Build 

Submersible Pump for Desert Air Cooler

Introducing the Generic White Air Cooler Pump with a reliable copper motor, designed for various applications including desert air coolers, aquariums, and fountains. With a medium size and a weight of 17 kilograms, this pump is an efficient choice for your cooling and water circulation needs.

Versatile UsageShort Operational Life
Potential Longevity 
Multiple Applications 

Khaitan Aqua-60 Submersible Pump

Introducing the Khaitan Submersible Water Pump in a vibrant blue color, made from durable metal. With a power rating of 0.018 kW and a motor power of 0.05 hp, this single-phase pump operates at 240 volts, providing a maximum flow rate of 800 liters per hour and lifting water up to 1.5 meters. Weighing just 230 grams, it offers efficient and reliable performance for various water circulation needs.

Affordable PricePlug not Included
Good Suction Power 
Quality Build 

amiciTools 55W Submersible Water Pump

The amiciTools Submersible Pump offers a durable solution with 100% pure copper winding for enhanced durability. With a high lift of 3.5m, thermal protection, and premium ABS plastic construction, it ensures reliability. The pump operates silently (<25db) and features a detachable design for easy cleaning. It comes with a 2-year warranty and includes silicone oil for shaft rotation.

Excellent performancePotential electrical leakage reported
Compact design 
Powered by 230V AC (55 watts) 
Value for money 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Submersible Water Cooler Pump in India?

The Best Submersible Water Cooler Pump in India are:

  • ELOVE 18 Watt Submersible Water Pump
  • SHARP IKON 1 HP Open Well Submersible Pump
  • FEDUS 40 Watt Cooler Submersible Water Pump
  • Khaitan Aqua-60 Submersible Pump

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