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Healthcare Devices for Maternity: Janitri devices made Pregnancy Monitoring Easy & Affordable


Maternal care is benefiting from brands like Janitri at a time when healthcare technology is becoming more prevalent.

Many startups are leveraging technology to assist pregnant women and new mothers by developing apps, wearable devices, and other products. We present a blog series on the best maternal healthcare devices that assist women during and after pregnancy.

Pregnant women experience various types of stress, fear, and emotions. They must be extra cautious, follow medical advice, and prioritise their health. Medical facilities, on the other hand, are not always available or adequate.

In this blog, Janitri the new startup in the tech healthcare industry is been described as it is not only an innovative brand now but also has some of the best healthcare devices which more mothers out there needs.

Janitri provides high-quality foetal and maternal monitoring solutions for use in hospitals or at home. Clinical research and patented technology are used to ensure safety and accuracy.

Discover how Janitri’s technology is revolutionising maternal healthcare.

Janitri is changing the healthcare practise of gynaecologists and clinics to provide the best care to pregnant mothers by replacing traditional methods with modern and improved solutions.

Janitri Brands highlighting Features

Patient Comfort

Wireless and compact devices to improve the mother’s monitoring experience.

Automatic Interpretation

Auto-generated interpretation saves time and improves decision-making.

Remote Control

Doctors can remotely access the data on their phones to make the best decision at the right time.

Dependable and precise

Clinically validated by prestigious hospitals, regulatory approval, and ISO13485 certification.

Know the Janitri’s Products for Pregnancy Monitoring

Janitri offers a wide range of antenatal and labor monitoring products that can be customized/personalised to suit your needs.

Keyar CM

Beltless Fetal Monitoring Patch

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Easy-to-use, wireless, and beltless electronic foetal monitor simplifies labour monitoring. To ensure clear differentiation between maternal and foetal heart rates, ECG and EMG signals are used. Measures contractions without the use of any additional probes.

Why choose Keyar CM?

Keyar CM was created after extensive research and feedback to address multiple flaws in existing foetal monitoring technology. The goal is to make foetal monitoring easy, efficient, and available to everyone.

Placement for a single period of time

There’s no need to move the probe to find the baby’s heartbeat. Allows you to concentrate on the care and monitoring with ease.

Constant Monitoring

Throughout the labour, take constant readings of foetal and maternal vitals and take the appropriate actions at the appropriate times.

Remote Control

With our doctor’s app, you can access live graphs and digital records on your mobile device at any time and from any location.

Mother’s Convenience and Mobility

Even if mothers are walking, the monitoring should continue. There is no belt, no wire, only freedom.

Reports that are automatically interpreted

With ready baseline, acceleration, STV, and other CTG parameters, you can make faster and more accurate decisions.

Reports in Digital Form

Make record keeping simple, and print reports with any printer if necessary. Say farewell to thermal paper.

How Keyar CM Works?

The Keyar CM captures fetal ECG, maternal ECG, and even maternal EMG signals. These are converts to

  • Fetal Heart Rate (FHR)
  • Maternal Heart Rate (MHR)
  • Uterine Contractions (UC)

Keyar DT

Wireless & Portable Fetal Monitor

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Doppler and TOCO probes are well-known in wireless avatars. Prenatal NST as well as electronic foetal monitoring (EFM) during labour are both possible. A truly smart digital solution to improve pregnancy monitoring efficiency and experience.

Keyar mini

Pocket-Sized Fetal Doppler

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Listen & measure your baby’s prenatal heartbeat and keep your anxiety away. With Janitri smart, compact and reliable device, you can check your baby’s well-being now anytime, anywhere.

Keyar DT Lite

Home NST for High-Risk Mothers

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A medical-grade fetal doppler to monitor prenatal baby’s health easily at home itself. Record your baby’s heartbeat and even perform Non-Stress Test (NST) now easily anytime, anywhere.

Janitri’s Software and Apps for Mothers

Digital Pregnancy Monitoring App (Daksh)

A Complete Pregnancy Monitoring software For Hospitals

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A mobile app and dashboard helps in monitoring every mother’s health during intrapartum and postpartum period of labor period by sending all necessary reminders and tips. It makes sure the mother’s health details are filled on time. It is also efficient in generating critical alerts and notifies the staff.

Janitri products will make you go digital for healthcare needs and makes your healthcare practice better, even more successful and efficient.

Doctor’s Application

You can view any pregnancy-related data remotely using the Doctor’s login. The doctor can read reports and write doctor’s notes, which are then displayed in the nurse application. It also provides all pregnancy-related alerts and allows you to track when the last monitoring for a specific patient was performed.

  • Remote Monitoring
  • FHR, MHR and UC graph
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Alerts and Alarms for Labor Vitals
  • Mother’s Health Files and Scores for Remote

Nurse’s Application

The Nurse’s Login provides all labour ward mothers with live FHR, MGR, and UC graphs, admission notes, and digital consent. This gives the nursing station immediate access to health records. A detailed report that includes their medical history and vital signs, about their name or PID numbers and address details, and treatment details supplements the digital case sheet.

  • Digital Partograph
  • Live FHR, MHR and UC graph
  • Digital Consent
  • Admission Notes
  • Digital Case-sheet
  • Alerts and Alarms for Labor Vitals

Central Monitor

View all maternal patients live graphs in single screen at your own nursing station.

  • Remote Monitoring
  • FHR, MHR and UC graph
  • Doctor’s Notes
  • Alerts and Alarms for Labor Vitals
  • Mother’s Health Files and Scores for Remote

Janitri Mother’s App

Baby Kick Tracking and Pregnancy Monitoring App

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Benefits of using the App

Tracking Fetal Activity during pregnancy period is no longer a hassle

Fetal Movement Tracking

Janitri’s mother’s app is a revolutionary combination of a wearable foetal movement tracker and an ergonomically designed app for easily tracking your baby’s movements. You can track your baby’s movements in real time. A wearable band gives you peace of mind because you know it will be there when you need it the most.

Get Monthly Reports & Updates

Janitri’s mother’s app is a revolutionary combination of a wearable foetal movement tracker and an app that’s also ergonomically designed to track your baby’s movements with ease. You can track your baby’s movements in real time. A wearable band gives you peace of mind because you know it will be there for you when you need it the most.

Track Your Progress Anytime

There’s no need to carry a pen and paper with you. You can track your baby’s movement at any time using our track feature. Your baby’s movement will be updated on our app as soon as you tap the track button, allowing you to receive instant updates on your baby’s progress.

Get Instant Reminders & Tips

Get instant notifications about your baby’s movements. We will monitor your child and send you automated alerts if assistance is required. It will also provide numerous useful tips and suggestions based on their movement.

Get your Janitri device today!

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