Top Smart Locks in India 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

A wireless lock is a low-cost but simple alternative to traditional locks and keys to connect. Compared to an easy to crack metal bolt, they have high security. A smart lock locks your room, your home, or some other place of convenience, as the instability grows and the demand for enhanced security is on the rise.

With more and more smart locking solutions in development, you will determine if your lock is good or not by analyzing the three key factors that follow.

  • Clamping technique: is the clamp mere electrical or digital? No simple winner is there, but your decision depends on your needs. For example, for small storage boxes, homes, or rooms an electric lock is fine.
  • Strength: The next critical aspect is the reliability of the lock, perhaps a mere digital lock that has ICA or some other modern domestic control technology integrated that may be suitable for housing lockings, for example, power. How solid is it against some sort of persistent force or does it withstand some kind of boiling equipment? Both answers depend on the quality of the material used to make the lock
  • Mechanisms for unlocking: again, this is based on the user interface. In general, digital locks are given in configurations such as template, password, biometric, or combination. See what suits the health criteria and then pick them.

It doesn’t take a stroll in a shop to choose one that is either free or on sale to choose the right button. You can’t lock up a hundred buck lock of lakhs of rupees. It’d be unfair.

You may have already grasped the technical and security capabilities of wireless locks and can work with them. Now let us analyze every aspect before selecting a digital bolt, and take care of it.

Form of technology for locking:

First and foremost, the locking system itself must be considered. Before exploring certain considerations, you should understand that alternate locks are categorized into the following kinds based on the locking technologies.

Digital Wireless

These are wireless keys, which are based on a pre-programmed combination of RFID and other components. On secure boxes or gates of offices etc., most such locks are located. They deliver comfort and filtration instead of maximum protection

Electronic locks

These do come with chapters or pin code protection, which is slightly older than digital locks. These may also be used to lock locks or frames.

Smart Locks

A comparatively new phänomenon, smart locks can be built using sophisticated software and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth links. These can be managed, secured, and unlocked via a smartphone device.

The intelligent lock includes various variations and methods of opening. Let’s call some of them and read more.

Best Smart Locks in India: Reviews

Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock

A smart lock from Godrej is first on our list, a company recognized and developed for manufacturing locks and other storage facilities in India. Intelligent locking and protection systems are available at the Godrej Advantis.

As a name indicates with 360-degree exposure to fingerprint, the Godrej Intelligent Biometric Advantis Door Key. It allows up to 100 fingerprints to be registered which is ideal for small to medium-sized companies to enforce restricted access to their employees.

It is also able to RFID. The intelligent RFID key would allow fast access to the device. This lock can be programmed with 4 unique passwords with the security range between 4 to 12 digits.


  • Comes to the Godrej Trust Value
  • Biometric 360 degrees fingerprint entry
  • Brackets Auto-locking
  • Adjustable sky code
  • Break with damage alarm with volume control
  • The Godrej Trust has 4 unique passwords

Yale Digital Door Lock

The Yale Electronic Door Lock YDE50 is next on our list. It’s a mortar lock with a wireless keyboard. You will use the PIN code, the mechanical key, and even the RFID cards to enter this lock.

When the PIN and RFID are failing, you can bypass by using the mechanical switch. The lock has 30 RFID capacity. You will sign for this lock up to 30 RFID cards. As for the PIN variations, a minimum of 78 PINs can be built for both.

The lock consists of a solid alloy. The keypad is locked and fairly high, making it convenient to type on the numeric button.


  • Deadbolt lock with an RFID-compatible
  • mechanical key backup
  • a minimum of 30 cards Will record up to 78 specific Key
  • PINs Small display screens
  • 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

Evotech Residential & Commercial Wooden Door Handle Digital Security Lock

With its unique but limited display, the Evotech Digital Protection Lack varies from other locks. The lock is fitted with a biometric activation fingerprint reader, RFID card approval, pin key, and a mechanical backup key.

The lock automatically turns on when you shut the door with its automatic locking feature. This has 2 keys and 2 RFID chips for consumers. The lock has a voice model that communicates while the system is locked or searches for access.

The keyboard isn’t a touch-based device. The locks are able to sign in combination with the pin, RFID, and fingerprint for 200 users.

Features :

  • Two colors silver and rose-red
  • Minor screen with date or time and entry name
  • Has RFID, biometrically-printed fingerprint
  • PIN key and backup mechanical key.
  • Can hold up to 200 members’ key combinations, biometrics, or ids.

Adel Chrome Polished Digital Fingerprint Door Lock

A minimum of 120 fingerprints will be provided, along with a single password of 4 digits. It can be based on 4 numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3. This password is tight. For a simple login authentication, the fingerprint template can be modified instantly in just a second.

CMOS color sensor resolution 30 megapixels and anti-destruction sensor 500 DPIs, the lock and sensor will start 1000 times without injury. The lock will be used to open the door in an emergency manner, should you forget to put your fingerprint or code. This is a mechanical key.


  • Compact and quick to use biometric fingerprint
  • Can be used for the storing of up to 120
  • 4 digit pin registrations with one valid password
  • A mechanical backup key is valid that is very durable and very strong and does not cause harm in 4 AA batteries.

Tinxy Door Lock with WiFi Controller and Door Sensor

The Tinxy Door Clock is also one of the cheapest automated locks in the series because it is truly an Electronic door lock. This lock is not only fitted with WiFi and a wide range of characteristics.

Using this lock, a quick mobile device on your smartphone will open your door anywhere. You can grab the app from the app shop or GPS.

It provides an alert for burglary, internal settings, in which you can share your family connection. Whether it’s locked or left open, you should learn your present door state. When you detect an illegal intrusion, you can still monitor the locking status or even hear an alarm.


  • Clever Lock with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The economical and budget-oriented
  • Device-based locking, unlocking, and setup of personalized apps
  • You can also share access to family members, too
  • Door lock status can also be tracked in the device.

Robotouch Trinity LED Display Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

The Robotouch activation modes include a fingerprint, pin, and mechanical key, but it does not support RFID such as Adel Chrome.

Once set up, a fingerprint can be enrolled and tested in just two seconds. The handle of the smart door locker is adjustable and can be placed on either side.

Once you enter the main combination, the keypad is limited to just 4(0,1,2 and 3) keys such that the combinations are limited to 4 numbers permutation.

This operates for 4 AA batteries, and there is also a low battery tracker. With a maximum capacity of 120 fingerprints, this door lock is good for general office rooms, etc.


  • Fast to mount and continue a fingerprint Sense of 360 degrees and capable of storing a minimum of 120 fingerprints
  • A backup mechanical key Operates on 4 AA batteries and a small battery indicator
  • six months warranty from the date of purchase of the manufacturer

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Bolt, what is it?
A smart lock is an electromechanical system that can be installed or modified like a traditional lock. This is meant to lock and unlock a door on the predefined and pre-programmed key, which may be a script, pin, RFID, or biometrics, rather than a standard metal key. You may also use a smartphone device or something like that to power such keys.

How will the wireless lock be disabled?
You must first unlock the computer or turn off a mobile lock or a mobile lock. You can now go to your mobile control center app, go to settings and remove the corresponding smart lock. You can’t turn off non-app locks that are unlocked or locked on the basis of the password or authentication information.

Are intelligent locks hackable and intelligent locks secure?
The response, yes, is simple, but the long answer is not that clear. Intelligent locks display flaws, which hackers would use to obtain entry. Yet these apps are hitting their own milestones with more and more variations and upgrades.
Moreover, when you equate an intelligent lock to a standard one, they are better springs and constraints. They are also readily delegated to the objects or doors in terms of protection and security.


A 360-degree fingerprint reader, an RFID compliant device, 4 single password combinations from 4 key basics to 12 alphanumeric combinations are given on the Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Doors Lock. It has vehicle locking, adaptive sky code, risk warning, fire alarms, safety, and battery-low indications. The Godrej trust and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, which are compatible with door phones and remote controls (thanks to its display screen), make it one of the best wireless door locks on offer in India.

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