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Best Water Heater Rods Online In India 2023-2024


If you struggle with heating water on gas stoves, this innovative solution (Water Heater Rod) provides a convenient alternative. Discover a hassle-free way to heat water without the challenges of traditional methods.

Are you weary of the prolonged wait for hot water during the winter season? Look no further, as we’ve compiled a selection of the top 5 immersion rods in India for swift water heating. Our criteria prioritize durability, user-friendliness, and brand reputation.

The chosen immersion rods boast heating coils crafted from premium materials, ensuring both efficiency and longevity. Featured in our selection are immersion rods with indicator lights for added convenience, and some even sport a shockproof design for enhanced user safety. Renowned brands like Bajaj, Usha, Crompton, V-Guard, Havells, Orient Electric, and more grace our list. Continue reading to discover the perfect immersion rod for your home.

How to Select the Ideal Immersion Water Heater?

Consider the following factors before deciding on the immersion rod best suited for your home:


Opt for an immersion rod with an appropriate wattage, balancing speed and efficiency to manage electricity consumption effectively.

Safety Features

Prioritize safety by choosing rods equipped with features like automatic shut-off, overheating protection, and shockproof bodies.


Given frequent use, choose a durable immersion rod crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a robust power cord that’s well-insulated for safety.

Our curated list includes immersion rods in India with numerous advantages, featuring a convenient on/off switch and indicator light for ease of use. Additionally, selected immersion rods boast a shockproof design, ensuring utmost user safety.

Here is the list of the Best Water Heater Rods in India for 2023

Generic Immersion Water Heater Rod

Water Heater Rod

Experience rapid and efficient water heating with our 1500-watt immersion rod, equipped with a copper heating element. The stainless steel body ensures durability and corrosion resistance, extending the product’s lifespan. Perfect for diverse settings such as homes, hostels, and hotels, it provides a convenient hot water solution. The compact design and user-friendly operation make it an energy-efficient choice for on-demand hot water, catering to your heating needs with ease.

Efficient 1500-watt heating Average chord length
Durable stainless steel body 
Corrosion-resistant design 
Compact and easy to use 

Rico IRPRO Water Heater Rod

Introducing Rico’s 1000 Watts Shock-Proof Immersion Rod, ensuring super-fast and uninterrupted heating for a warm bath. With a specially designed copper and stainless steel heating element, it boasts advanced Japanese technology for complete safety. The rust-proof ABS plastic body features a hook for easy operation, and its ISI mark guarantees high-quality nickel-plated anti-corrosive material. Enjoy benefits like 100% shock-proof, energy efficiency, and low-cost water heating.

Portable and travel-friendlyCan get rusted
Comfortable and user-friendly 
Excellent safety features 
Durable and long-lasting 

Bajaj Immersion Water Heater Rod

Water Heater Rod

Introducing our hassle-free water heating solution! No installation is needed for this compact 40 cm rod. It operates on a standard power supply (230-250 V, 50-60 Hz), ensuring low-cost water heating. Crafted with an anti-corrosive hairpin tubular element, it consumes minimal energy. Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year product warranty. Simple, efficient, and cost-effective – meet your hot water needs effortlessly!

Quick heating in 7-10 minutesSlightly large 3-pin top for modern sockets
Value for money 
Confirmed shock-proof feature 
High build quality and durability 
Suitable cord length for convenience 

Havells Waterproof Water Heater Rod

Introducing our efficient Electric Immersion Water Heater, boasting a powerful 1500 watts for quick heating. With corrosion-resistant nickel plating and an ISI marked 3-pin plug, it ensures durability and safety. The touch protection cover and sturdy bucket hook enhance convenience, while the waterproof design adds reliability. Enjoy the heating indicator for easy monitoring. With a 2-year warranty, this product comes with one Electric Immersion water heater and a user manual for hassle-free use.

Novel features: auto-cut-off, temp controlShort cord length requires additional setup
Protective plastic cover for safetyHigher price compared to other 1500W heaters
Variable temperature settings 
Indicator light for temperature control       

GM Immersion Water Heater Rod

Water Heater Rod

Introducing our 1000 Watt Immersion Rod with a superior copper heating element for fast heating. The nickel-plated design prevents corrosion, ensuring durability. Safety is a priority with a heat-resistant Bakelite handle, ergonomic grip, and a bucket guard for ultimate protection. It’s India’s first immersion rod with a bucket guard, and the double ISI certification ensures both safety and performance. Hang it conveniently with the loop hanger after use, preventing direct contact with surfaces. Efficient, safe, and innovative – experience the next level of water heating.

Premium build qualitySteel immersion rod rotating into 180°
Perceived safety in useUnreliable performance and durability
Lengthy cord for convenience 
Positive initial impressions 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Immersion Water Heater?

The Best Immersion Water Heaters are :

  • Generic Immersion Water Heater Rod
  • Bajaj Immersion Rod Water Heater

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