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Best Top 5 AI websites for developers to get AI-generated codes


The ability of AI websites for developers to obtain AI generated codes and make work more efficient continues to grow.

According to Fortunes Insights, the AI market will grow from $387.45 billion in 2022 to $1.39 trillion in 2029, a compound annual rate of growth of 20.1%. That’s especially impressive given the difficulty of implementing artificial intelligence.

The emergence of large language models (LLMs) that are developed using vast datasets with enormous amounts of data is one of the most recent advances in natural language processing (NLP). There are a number of LLMs available, including Google’s BERT and OpenAI’s GPT-2 and GPT-3. It is possible to generate anything from simple essays to actual financial models using these models.

OpenAI, Hugging Face, Cohere, and AI21 Labs are among the AI startups pushing the boundaries of LLM by training models of billions of parameters.

Below are five AI-based code generators that can generate high-quality code and are based on large language models:

1. AI website for Developers: OpenAI Codex

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OpenAI Codex is the GPT-3-based model that powers GitHub Copilot, a GitHub tool for generating code in mainstream development environments such as VS Code, Neovim, JetBrains, and even in cloud with GitHub Codespaces. It claims to be able to write code in at least a dozen different languages, including JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift, TypeScript, and even BASH. The model is trained on billions of lines of publicly available code, such as GitHub repositories.

OpenAI made the model available to developers and platform companies in a private beta for the purpose of developing tools and integration. Once you have access to the private beta, it is very simple to get started. To get started, OpenAI provides a simple JavaScript Sandbox on their website.

Pricing: If you can get into the private beta, Codex is currently free to use. As they learn more about usage, they will consider pricing to enable a wide range of applications. Probably in a similar manner to GPT-3, where they provide different models and price them based on used tokens. Tokens are similar to words, with 1000 tokens equaling approximately 750 words and prices per 1000 tokens.

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2. AI website for Developers: Tabnine

While Tabnine is not an end-to-end code generator, it enhances the integrated development environment’s (IDE) auto-completion feature. Tabnine, which was created in Rust by Jacob Jackson while a student at the University of Waterloo, has evolved into a full-fledged, AI-based code completion tool.

Tabnine supports over 20 languages and 15 editors, including popular integrated development environments (IDEs) such as VS Code, IntelliJ, Android Studio, and even Vim. It is available for $432 per year for a team of three developers.

Pricing: Tabnine pricing information is provided by the software provider or retrieved from publicly available pricing materials. To purchase Tabnine, final cost negotiations must be conducted with the seller. And the plans are constantly being updated; for more information, visit its official website.

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3. AI website for Developers: CodeT5

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CodeT5 is an open source programming language model created by SalesForce researchers. It is built on the T5 (Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer) framework from Google. The team used over 8.35 million instances of code, including user comments, from publically available GitHub repositories to train CodeT5. The vast majority of these datasets were derived from the CodeSearchNet dataset, that also includes Ruby, JavaScript, Go, Python, PHP, C, and C#, as well as two BigQuery C and C# datasets.

CodeT5 has the potential to add three capabilities to software development:

  • Text-to-code generation: generate code that is based on the natural language description
  • Code autocompletion: complete the whole function of code that is been given the target function name
  • Code summarization: generate the summary of a particular function in natural language description

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4. AI website for Developers: Polycoder

Polycoder is an open source replacement for OpenAI’s Codex. The model was created by Carnegie Mellon University researchers and is based on OpenAI’s GPT-2, which was trained on a 249 GB codebase written in 12 programming languages. PolyCoder, according to its creators, is capable of writing C with greater accuracy than any other model, including Codex.

While the majority of code generators are proprietary, Polycoder was one of the first open source code generation models.

Pricing: No pricing information has been provided by Polycode for this product or service. This is standard procedure for software vendors and service providers. To obtain current pricing, please contact Polycode.

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5. AI website for Developers: Cogram

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Cogram, a Berlin-based Y-Combinator startup, is a code generation tool for data scientists and Python programmers that uses SQL queries and Jupyter Notebooks. Data scientists can write queries in English, which the tool will convert into complex SQL queries with joins as well as grouping. SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Amazon Redshift are all supported.

Python and Julia developers can use Cogram with Jupyter Notebooks to generate code automatically. Based on the comments, the tool can generate contextual code for a specific task. Data scientists can even create visualisations using popular Python modules like Matplotlib, Plotly, or Seaborn.

Pricing: Cogram offers custom pricing for their software based on usage.

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The market for Smart autocomplete is still in its early stages. Google, Microsoft, Apple, and other companies have or will join the competition. With the development of large language models, Open AI’s GPT-3 is shockingly good and amazing this year, and massive high-quality code datasets like GitHub, we developers have confidence in the future of smart autocomplete.

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