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Best Steam Vaporizer (Steamer) For Cough & Cold In India 2023 -2024 – Price,Review,Features


Are you looking for a Vaporizer to get relief from a cold and cough or looking for a facial steamer?  Read through this article!

Hey there! Ever seen those cool gadgets that puff out warm clouds? They’re called steamers, and they’re like little helpers that can make you feel better when you’re sick and give your face some extra love.

Cold and Cough Vaporizer:

Imagine you’re feeling yucky with a cold or a cough. Cold and cough steamers are like tiny helpers that make warm mist. This mist is like a cozy hug for your nose and chest, making it easier to breathe when you’re all stuffed up. It’s like a friendly cloud that helps you feel better.

Facial Steamers:

Now, think about a spa day, but just for your face! Facial steamers are like magical mist machines for your skin. They gently spray warm steam on your face, opening up your pores. It’s like giving your face a warm, relaxing bath. This helps clean your skin deeply and makes it easier for your skin to soak in creams and stuff that make you look and feel good.

Why They’re Cool:

1. Breathing Better: When you’re sick, cold, and cough steamers help you breathe better by making the air in your nose and chest feel nice and warm.

2. Happy Skin: Facial steamers give your face a special treat. They open up your pores and make your skin feel fresh and happy. It’s like a mini-spa day, right at home!

3. Relaxing Time:  Both steamers are like bringing a bit of calm and happiness into your space. They help you relax, which is awesome for your health and mood.

In this article, we’ll talk more about why these little steamers are so great, how to use them, and how to pick the right one for you. Let’s dive into the world of steamers and discover how these cool gadgets can make you feel better when you’re under the weather and give your face a little pampering too!

Here is the list of the Best Affordable Face Steamer / Vaporizer in India in 2023

Wonder Steam Inhaler Sauna Vaporizer


Introducing the Wonder Steamer Vaporizer: Your go-to relief for cold and congestion. Made of plastic, it’s super easy to use—just add soft tap water, plug it in, and let the soothing steam do its magic. Remember to wash it with lukewarm water before the first use to avoid initial odor. Perfect for headaches, sinusitis, and bronchitis, this vaporizer, recommended by doctors worldwide, delivers quick and natural relief. Say goodbye to congestion and hello to a refreshed, relaxed you!

Easy to use with instant steam generationThe problem of water spilling out often
Nasal steamer for targeted relief 
Convenient for at-home use 
Effective for sinusitis and bronchitis 

Asbob 3 in 1 Vaporizer steamer for cough and cold 

Introducing Asbob Vaporizer, proudly crafted in India. Simple to use with tap water (non-salty), it’s a go-to for quick relief. Remember to wash with lukewarm water before the first use to reduce any plastic smell. Need extra steam? Add a pinch of salt or reach out to our customer support. Ideal for up to 5 minutes of use, depending on your needs.

Quick relief with ideal 5-minute usageTap water restrictions—cannot be salty
Ideal for those with non-salty tap water 
Supports use of RO water if needed 
Maintains upper respiratory hygiene 

PharmEasy All-In-One Steam Vaporizer for Cough and Cold


Experience ultimate relief with PharmEasy’s All in One Vaporizer! Banish cold symptoms and enjoy a clear nasal passage for peaceful sleep. This versatile steamer hydrates and cleanses your skin, preventing acne and promoting a radiant glow. With three attachments for different purposes, it’s perfect for aromatherapy, shaving, and facial health. Crafted from 100% plastic for safety, it’s your go-to solution for headaches, congestion, and cough. Breathe easy, sleep better, and uncover clearer skin with PharmEasy’s All in One Vaporizer.

Three attachments for varied purposesMay require additional steps to address low steam generation
Designed for specific relief from common cold symptoms 
Versatile use for cosmetic purposes 

Lifelong LLS72 Face, Nose, and Cough Steam Vaporizer

Introducing Lifelong Steamer and Vaporizer with a 1-year warranty! This all-in-one device comes with three handy attachments—Facial Steamer, Steam Vaporizer, and Nose Steamer. Perfect for cold and cough relief, it offers gentle steam for a glowing face and deep skin cleansing. Say goodbye to blackheads, acne, and throat irritation! Lightweight, easy to use, and safe for kids, this steamer is a quiet, efficient solution. With a 105cm cord and a 50ml water capacity, it’s your go-to for a soothing and rejuvenating experience.

Three handy attachments for versatile usePlastic construction may be less durable compared to others
Lightweight and easy to use 
Safe for kids with very low noise level 
Long cord (105cm) for flexibility 

Dr. Korpet Steamer Vaporizer for cold and cough


Introducing Dr. Korpet Steamer, proudly crafted in India! Use non-salty tap water for a soothing steam experience. If steam is low, just add a pinch of salt. For salty tap water, switch to RO water or reach out to our support team. Wash with lukewarm water before first use to eliminate any plastic smell. With three handy attachments, this steamer is your go-to for a 5-minute spa, cleansing, hydrating, and aiding in anti-aging. Remember to consult your doctor for skin concerns, and keep a safe distance to avoid any discomfort. Dr. Korpet—your skin’s best friend!

Three attachments for versatile useLimited water compatibility—requires non-salty, non-hard tap water
Purposeful benefits: skin cleansing, glow, blackhead removal, hydration, anti-agingLimited information on specific medical health concerns

Crescent Facial and Nose Steamer Vaporiser

Introducing our Facial Steam Bath—a skincare essential! This little wonder cleans pores, giving your skin a natural glow. It’s your go-to comfort after makeup removal, gently cleansing your facial skin. But that’s not all! This soothing device is like a spa treatment for strained muscles, joints, and stiffness. Operating at a smooth 220 volts, this unit is a skincare game-changer. One box, one delightful experience! Get ready to pamper your skin and relax those muscles with our Facial Steam Bath.

Easy to useInconsistent performance, with reports of no steam or low pressure
Good value for money 
Produces steam correctly 
Compact and portable 

Wonder Steam Inhaler Sauna Vaporizer


Introducing the Wonder Steamer Vaporizer—your natural relief for colds and congestion. Made of plastic, it may have an initial odor, so wash it twice with lukewarm water before use. Designed for soft tap water only, it’s not suitable for RO or hard water. This convenient vaporizer, recommended by doctors, instantly creates soothing steam for cold and cough relief. With a fine mist, it reaches your nose and throat, providing quick and effective relief. It’s drug-free, safe, and offers the right humidity for upper respiratory health. Your go-to for clearing congestion and keeping nasal passages moist.

Good quality and ease of useSome users experienced hot water spray, posing a burn risk
Ease of cleaning and portabilityProduct malfunction reported by some users, leading to return and refund issues
Value for money 
Adjustable distance for inhalation 

Dr. Odin 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer for Cough and Cold

Introducing Dr. Odin 3 in 1 Steam Vaporizer—your go-to for health and beauty! Easy to use and clean, it produces steam vapor in seconds. With a protective plastic and double-layered body, it prevents heat and shock. This handy device promotes blood circulation, skin metabolism, and nutrient absorption, leaving your skin smooth, moisturized, and rosy. Ideal for warm steam facial saunas, it opens pores, removing dirt, bacteria, and makeup residue. Deeply hydrating and perfect for various uses—facial steaming, nasal relief, colds, coughs, spa-like relaxation, sinus care, and asthma support.

Easy to use and cleanLess durable
Produces steam vapor in seconds 
Protective plastic and double-layered body 
Prevents heat and shock 

All-in-One Steam Vaporizer For Cough and Cold


Introducing our Facial Steamer—a versatile companion for beauty and health! Use normal tap water for optimal steam generation—avoid RO/Filter water. Adjust steam flow by adding salt, depending on water mineral content. Perfect for beauty routines, it enhances facials, massages, and cleanups, clearing clogs and rejuvenating your skin. Additionally, it’s ideal for respiratory therapy, aromatherapy, and treating ailments like colds, bronchitis, and asthma. Embrace the goodness of steam for a holistic and refreshing experience!

Use of normal tap water for optimal steam generationDependency on specific water type (avoiding RO/Filter water)
Steam flow adjustability with added salt 
Suitable for respiratory therapy and ailments treatment 
Clears clogs and rejuvenates skin during use 

Wuze 3 In 1 Steam Steamer For Cold and Cough 

Introducing our Portable Steam Vaporizer with numerous benefits! Relieve cold symptoms with the included nose steamer, and enhance beauty during facials, massages, and cleanups. It effectively clears clogs and opens facial pores. The lightweight and compact design make it convenient for travel or home use. The unique plastic body ensures shock-free and light operation, while the smooth-edged attachments cater to various purposes. Note: Wash the vaporizer before first use to minimize initial plastic odor. The package includes three attachments—steamer, vaporizer, and facial—for versatile use.

Relieves cold symptoms with included nose steamerThe initial plastic smell during usage may persist for some time
Portable design for travel or home use 
Lightweight with convenient attachment storage 
Easy to use and maintain 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Steam Vaporizer ( Steamers) For Cough and cold In India?

The Best Steam Vaporizer ( Steamers) For Cough and cold In India are:

  • Asbob 3 in 1 vaporizer steamer for cough and cold
  • Lifelong LLS72 Face, Nose, and Cough Steamer
  • Dr. Korpet steamer vaporizer for cold and cough

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