Best Smart Alarm Clock for 2022 – Buyer Guide

Do you have trouble sleeping and getting up on time? We’re also here. That’s why we went hands-on to find the best smart alarm clocks to get your sleep patterns back to normal with the new wireless bedside assistants. Read below to learn how these connected Wi-Fi clocks can change your sleeping habits.

For this, smart alarm clocks are ideal as they can use features such as custom music alarms and smart home integration to improve your morning mood and get you out of bed earlier.

Imagine how much easier it is to roll out of bed if you know you have a limited number of snooze presses or if you are already able to smell the coffee maker that you activated remotely. You can also set up a bedside computer to turn the television right on— everything you need to get through the morning.


1. Amazon Echo Show 5

Seeing how Amazon began the whole phenomenon of the smart clock, it should come as no surprise that the Amazon Echo Show 5 represents major changes from its predecessors. It is still built on the same foundation as the Echo Spot but has a scaled-back form factor deviating from the original giant Echo Display.

Whether you followed, you already know that Alexa is a good tool to set alarms and streamline your evening routine.

The distinction between the Echo Show 5 and the Echo Spot is that this device has a touchscreen of 5.5 inches that allows you access the OS and watch videos. You can also use an external microphone to make voice calls, but only to other users with the Alexa app

Pros :

  • A 5.5-inch touchscreen for calling and playing video
  • clips Security features such as quiet and camera shutter
  • Loud and clear audio

Cons :

  • No more Zigbee smart home center
  • No more microphone power
  • the battery could be better.

2. Witti Beddi 2 Smart Alarm Clock

The Witti Technology Beddi is part of the Bluetooth speaker, part of the alarm clock, and part of the smart home system.

This concierge bedside has built in a bunch of useful features. It features a digital clock monitor, a Bluetooth speaker, two USB charging ports, an ambient light band, and a wake-up light that simulates sunrise.

You’ve got a snooze button at the top of the speaker, a play/pause button, and three smart keys. Three commands (activated by a single press, a double press, and a long press) can be delegated to the smart buttons and function with the Beddi smartphone app.

Pros :

  • Programmable ambient light strip and wake up light
  • 2 USB charging ports and 3 macro smart buttons for smart home automation
  • Ambient noise generator allows you to sleep better


  • no firmware upgrades for Mac users
  • Ambient noise loops are very low.

3. Amazon Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is the most bedside-ready Echo speaker from Amazon, powered by Alexa. Its compact size and LED clock make the nightstand a natural fit. Alexa provides a vast capability set that can be used with a somewhat flexible wake word (“Alexa” by default) after you unlock the device.

While this cloud-based service is still through, some of the more gimmicky abilities can really come in handy from under the covers.

The features include reading audiobooks, playing music from your preferred streaming service, pizza delivery, other smart home apps, and more. In Amazon’s help page, you can find a more detailed list of things to do with Alexa.


  • Compact clock face On a sleep timer, news, audiobooks, music or ambient sound can be played
  • Compatible with many smart home devices


  • microphones could be better quality
  • The audio could not be backed up.

4. Google Nest Hub

Perhaps the Google Nest Hub is best suited for the kitchen counter, but it still gives the smart home control consumer an outstanding bedside command centre.

The the7-inch touchscreen is not going to have a spot at the nightstand of everybody, but there are many explanations why it’s a good idea to have a bigger screen by your side. To become “the perfect digital photo frame” (their words, not mine), the Nest Hub synchronizes with your Google Photos account.

You can also watch videos from YouTube or listen to Spotify, Pandora, and iHeartRadio. A multimedia weather forecast can be reached or you can get the morning news. Google Assistant is also always learning new apps, so it’s just too much to mention.


  • Touch screen 7-inch
  • Design morning and evening activities
  • Smart home-friendly


  • cumbersome interface without battery backup
  • High price tag

5. Lenovo Smart Clock

A strong comparison to the Amazon Echo Show 5 is the Lenovo Smart Clock, as the two are almost the same size and shape. The distinction is in their operating system, as Google Assistant uses the Lenovo Smart Clock to schedule the morning and evening routines.

You can set up a Good Night Routine to play music, dim the lights, lock your doors, and more, as we’ve already mentioned with other Google Assistant products. To change your alarms or control other devices that you have paired to this device, you can issue on-the-fly voice commands.

It’s easy to pair it with the Google Home ecosystem, particularly if you have a smartphone or tablet on the same network.


  • 4-inch 2.1A USB port charging
  • Touch screen
  • Smart home compatible


  • No backup battery
  • No voice calls
  • Can not watch videos

6. Philips Somneo Sleep and Wake Light

The Somneo Connected is the first to offer app-enabled automation of Philips ‘ sleep and wake lighting, making it easy for anyone to create their own sleep schedule with sunrise and sunset lights.

The excellent aspect of this alarm clock is its built-in illumination that simulates a natural sunrise and sunset using a colour-changing LED. When part of your morning or evening routine, you can configure any light change and you can also pair it with audio alarms.

You will change these light alarms ‘ colours and schedule them on the Somneo Connected from a touch screen. You can also use the SleepMapper App to display data from the built-in AmbiTrack sensor.


  • Built-in Sleep and Wake-up Flash
  • Battery Backup
  • Responsive Touch Screen and App


  • No smart home connectivity
  • You need to connect your phone to music alerts via aux.

7. Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock

If the Latme Sunrise Alarm Clock looks familiar, it’s possibly because it’s based on the Philips Somneo Wake Light platform. This is a good alternate budget that includes a special lighting system to help you sleep more comfortably and wake up.

With your option of light, sound, or both, you can set this clock to wake you up. The Latme Sunrise Clock has built-in several sunrise and sunset patterns, but if you choose a blue or green glow, you can also choose from other colours (I’m not sure why).

Unfortunately, FM radio and the internal catalogue of seven preset relaxing sounds are the only wake-up audio choices. As an alarm, there’s no way to play your own music.


  • Built-in sleep and wake-up light
  • USB charging out port
  • Backup battery


  • saves by default only 4 alarms
  • No to port
  • No custom music alarms

8. Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo’s 10-inch Smart Display version is considerably larger than its actual Smart Alarm Clock, but it is still an attractive option for those who want a screen alarm clock. With both the JBL Link View and the Google Nest Hub, it is comparable in size.

The screen makes this a convenient addition to any room in the house, but with the built-in camera and microphone, the best use of the bedside is to pull up your morning news stream or video calling another Google gadget in your home.

This system has a built-in privacy shutter and a mute button for the microphone, which for peace of mind is pretty much there.

Pros :

  • Allows custom music alarms
  • Compatible with media casting
  • 10-inch display to make calls and play video clips

Cons :

  • Ugly design
  • No backup battery
  • Limited video streaming options

9. iHome iAVS16 Alexa Bedside Speaker System

For many, the iHome brand is going to take you back to plug your iPod into a 30-pin dock every night before bed. You might even have had a mobile before you.

But now that wireless connectivity reigns supreme, iHome has upped the ante with the Alexa Bedside Speaker System iHome iAVS16, an Alexa-powered alarm clock with a pair of speakers outstripping competition. This one most closely resembles a conventional bedside radio from all the smart alarm clocks we’ve used.

It has a large LED monitor showing the time, date, temperature, Wi-Fi status, as well as the next warning.


  • Alarms can be tailored to music and smart home actions
  • Clear and balanced speakers exceed smaller
  • USB charging units 2.1A


  • Some LEDs cannot be turned off
  • Smart buttons only work with other iHome products
  • No backup battery

10. LaMetric Time Wi-Fi Clock

LaMetric Time is such a great clock that confining it to the bedside is almost a shame. The pixelated colour monitor is designed to provide visual alerts on your seat, but its customizability still makes it the best smart alarm clock contender.

Though its pixelated colour display is a visual notification device first and foremost, it clearly lends itself to the task of keeping your morning and evening routine in order as well.

The Time connects to several Wi-Fi enabled services to display notifications, progress trackers, and give you basic information like the time, date, and weather.


  • Customizable monitor
  • Solid built-in speaker
  • No complaint with any applications


  • The display fits limited information
  • High price
  • No battery backup


Do you really need an intelligent alarm clock?
With smart home technology expanding its presence rapidly in all aspects of our lives, one can not help but wonder whether smart alarm clocks are worth upgrading to.

There’s no questioning the convenience of using the phone’s voice commands and adjusting settings, but these apps come at a trade-off. Smart alarm clocks are a radical departure from conventional atomic clocks that usually sit on our bedside and lack some of the iconic features at the moment.

You don’t normally have clock keys to activate the old fashioned way of setting an alarm.

Your Internet connection must also be reliable so that you do not want your clock to be caught overnight in a reboot cycle. Most smart alarm clocks still lack backup batteries, so if you easily lose electricity in a hurricane, they’re not perfect.

The benefits would outweigh the disadvantages for most mainstream consumers. But it depends entirely on the user. This way, for smart alarm clocks, things will only get better, as the most popular apps are continually gaining new functionality.

Investing in one now means that over time the investment will only become more valuable. And whenever a breakthrough new feature puts a new device on the map, we will be the first to update on the best smart alarm clocks our comprehensive guide.


You need to make good observations by also checking your needs before you make your choice about a smart alarm clock and try to know the model that will be perfect for your weekday and weekend activities.

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