Best Google Home Accessories 2022 – Must Read

Google Assistant will change your thermostat, switch off your lights, lock your door, show the weather, and have a simple voice order. The voice-enabled digital helper from the eponymous search giant launched alongside the original Google Home smart speaker in 2016. At the moment, only four sophisticated home labels operated. Today, over 1,000 of them have been employed.

Creating a smart home around Google Assistant makes sense thanks to all these choices. Devices such as an intelligent speaker or smart alarm can help you tackle the issue of fewer downloads and encourage your family to control your mobile device without having to do so.

The selection between Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant and Google assistant helps in separating beauty and personal preference. Whether you want an app that focuses on smart home, Amazon’s assistant contains Android phones, and many gadgets fit well. The HomeKit app of Apple is not as robust as many devices, but check out our preferred Apple HomeKits for iPhone with built-in Siri support.

Google Nest Hub Max

While it took Google longer than Amazon to come out with a 10-inch smart home panel, the Google Nest Hub Max is a strong competitor to the Echo Show and one of the most reliable Google Home compatible devices around.

With a three-inch monitor bigger than its predecessor Google Nest Hub, the Nest Hub Max features a webcam with both video call and security cam capabilities, as well as facial recognition and stylish pause / play hand gestures.

The monitor can be used as an entertainment device or as a way of running a variety of your smart home gadgets. Plus the Nest Hub Max supports String, an IoT interface for smart home devices with low-power connectivity.

Features :

  • Good speakers
  • Clever motion-tracking
  • Privacy transfer blocks
  • Microphones and camera

August Smart Lock Pro

Still lay awake at night, trying to remember if the front door was locked? Google Home, with its assistance to the August Smart Lock Pro, will bring you peace of mind. Only ask Google if your door is locked, and it’ll tell you— and you can use your voice to lock or unlock it out.

The August Smart Lock Pro is at the top of our list of best smart locks, and is one of the best devices compliant with Google Home, although the August Smart Lock version is a viable budget option.

Features :

  • Simple to install
  • Flexible Settings
  • Functions
  • Convenient Auto-Lock and Auto-Unlock

Ecobee (5th Gen)

The Ecobee (5th Gen) might have an Alexa speaker built-in, but it’s also one of the best Google Home compatible devices and is our favorite smart thermostat. You can use your voice assistant to keep each room at the right temperature in your house or use the upgraded remote sensor to monitor it

Also, the new Ecobee has a much-improved speaker and helps Spotify, so if you are looking for a tool to provide some background music it is good to play tunes.

Features :

  • Great remote sensors
  • Works with the speaker Spotify
  • Decent appearance

Philips Hue White Starter Kit

The Philips Hue White starter kit, most people’s best smart lights, contains two bulbs and a connector for linking them to other smart home devices. Although you can not alter the colors of these bulbs, you can raise their brightness (up to 800 lumens), and add up to 50 to a single center.

Philips Hue lights work with a wide variety of smart home platforms but they are among the best devices compliant with Google Home.

Features :

  • Comprehensive app
  • Dimmable Pairs
  • easy to use in smart homes


One of Google Home’s coolest features is being able to direct it to play video on a connected device. Take Google Chromecast for the best way to integrate it into your current kit.

The compact puck size unit attaches via an HDMI cable to your HDTV, and via Wi-Fi to your home network. You may say, tell Google Home to play “Travelers” on your Chromecast from Netflix once you’ve hooked it up, and it’ll get you started right up there.

Features :

  • Non-expensive
  • Intuitive interface
  • fast output

WeMo Mini

The WeMo Mini is big enough but small enough to accommodate two of them per outlet without electric access is limited. Though Mini has no knowledge about energy tracking, it works with HomeKit, Alexa, Google Assistant and, many others.

It is also useful if you would like to use manual controls to turn the plug itself. The WeMo Mini is what we would suggest to most people as we pick among the best smart plugs.

Features :

  • Smart Home / Retirement Style
  • Pairs easily
  • Wider than most earplugs

Nest Learning Thermostat

Like all of the best smart thermostats, you can use your voice to find out the current temperature is and what the thermostat is set to, and even make it warmer or cooler by specifying the number of degrees, a specific temperature or even just saying, “Make it cooler.”

The Nest Thermostat E also supports Google Assistant and uses special Eco temperature settings to save energy and money. Most of all, all appliances conform to your need for heating and cooling and learn to keep each room at the right temperature.

Features :

  • Wide monitor
  • Simple to use
  • intuitive interface


The list is growing continuously with Google Home-compatible devices. We will refresh this list as we get more hands-on, so be sure to check back for more details.

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