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Best Drill Machine in India 2023-2024


We have created a list of powerful and versatile Drill Machine that are precise and efficient in drilling and making tasks quicker and easier.

In every home, having the right tools can make a world of difference, and a drilling machine is a key player in the toolkit. Whether you’re hanging up picture frames, assembling furniture, or taking on DIY projects, a reliable drill is a game-changer.

This article delves into the importance of having a good drilling machine at home, exploring how it simplifies tasks, saves time, and ensures precision. From basic repairs to creative endeavors, the right drill opens up a realm of possibilities. Stay tuned to discover the top contenders for the title of the best drill machines, making your home projects a breeze.

Here is a list of the best drilling machines in India

IBELL Electric Drill ED06-91 Drilling Machine

Drill Machine

Introducing a powerful yet compact 400W corded drill with a 10mm chuck, perfect for drilling in metal, wood, and plastic. Weighing just 1.15 Kg, its ergonomic design ensures comfortable one-handed use in tight spaces. The speed dial allows adjustment for various tasks, while the “Lock-on” button ensures continuous operation during repetitive tasks. The trigger-sensitive variable speed switch enables precision accuracy, making it an excellent choice for your DIY projects.

Compact and lightweight designMixed Reviews
Ideal for drilling in metal, wood, and plastic 
“Lock-on” button for continuous operation 

IBELL Impact Drill ID13-80 Drilling Machine

Meet the IBELL Corded Electric Drill, a powerhouse for your DIY needs. With a 650W motor, it delivers a speed of 0-2800 RPM for versatile drilling. The 13mm chuck can tackle wood (up to 25mm), steel (up to 12mm), and concrete (up to 13mm). Featuring reverse rotation, variable speed, adjustable handle, keyless chuck, and vibration control, it offers precision and control. The red and black design adds style to your toolkit. Unlock the potential of effortless drilling with IBELL!

Variable speed and reverse rotation for versatilityMixed Reviews
Keyless chuck for easy bit changes 
Keyless chuck for easy bit changes 

FOSTER FPD-010A 400W Drill Machine

Drill Machine

Introducing the Foster Drill Machine FPD-010A, your go-to tool for precision work. With a powerful 400W motor and a 10mm metal chuck, it ensures accurate drilling. Ideal for home customization, hang clocks, photos, or tackle DIY projects effortlessly. The copper winding armature guarantees reliability and durability. Its compact design allows comfortable one-handed use in tight spaces. This corded drill comes with 15 high-quality drill bits of different sizes (2mm to 10mm), making home drilling tasks a breeze. Upgrade your toolkit with Foster for efficient and precise drilling at home.

Powerful 400W motor for accurate drillingLimited size range of drill bits
Suitable for drilling in metal, wood, and plastic   
Copper winding armature for reliability and durability 

KHADIJA Drill Machine

Introducing the Combo of a 10mm Drill Machine with a 13pcs Khadija Drill Bit Set & 1pcs Masonry Drill Bit. This half-metal body drill machine boasts a robust 2600RPM copper motor and solid plastic body for comfortable handling. Ergonomically designed, it’s ideal for various domestic tasks, drilling into concrete, wood, and metal. The power lock button ensures continuous drilling, and the efficient cooling system enhances performance. The combo includes a 13pcs high-speed steel drill bit set for wood, plastic, and light metal sheets. It comes with a 6-month motor warranty and a diamond drill bit for wall fittings.

Combo includes a 13pcs Khadija drill bit setNo reverse function for versatile drilling
Solid plastic body with a comfortable grip handle 
Power lock button for continuous drilling 

AGARO ED2103 650W Corded Electric Drill Machine

Introducing the AGARO 650W Drill, your reliable partner for home projects. With variable speed (0 ~ 3300 RPM) and a max drilling capacity of 15mm in wood, 10mm in steel, and 10mm in concrete, it’s versatile for various tasks. Operate in both forward and reverse directions with the lock-on button for convenience. The compact, lightweight design and shockproof plastic body make it easy to handle. AGARO ensures efficiency and safety in every use with this red and black corded electric drill.

Powerful 650W input for efficient drillingChuck size may limit compatibility with certain bits
Variable speed setting for precise control 
Lock-on button for continuous operation 

Foster FPD-010A Drilling Machine

Experience precision and power with the Foster Drill Machine FPD-010A. This 400W corded drill, featuring a 10mm chuck, is perfect for home projects. Its advanced motor guarantees accuracy in drilling, whether in metal, wood, or plastic. The compact design allows for comfortable one-handed use, reaching tight spaces effortlessly. The copper winding armature ensures durability, and it comes with a 6-month manufacturing warranty. Customize your home easily by hanging clocks, photos, or tackling DIY projects with this reliable and versatile drill machine.

Precision and AccuracyLimited Chuck Size
Compact and Ergonomic 
Durable Construction 

Bosch GSB 600 Corded Electric Impact Drill Machine

The Bosch GSB 600 Impact Drill packs a punch with its robust 600W motor, ensuring durability and extended usage. The improved carbon brush contributes to its longevity. Packed with features like Forward/Reverse Rotation, Variable Speed, and Double Insulation, it’s versatile for drilling in masonry, metal, and wood. Technical specs include 600W power, 1.7 kg weight, and 0-3,000 rpm speed. The package includes the drill and an auxiliary handle. Enjoy a 1-year warranty and the option to join Bosch Be Connected for extended benefits.

High-Quality BuildA bit heavier
Improved Carbon Brush 

ENON 12V Cordless Screw Driver & Drill Machine

Experience enhanced performance with a cordless drill featuring two-speed settings. High torque suits demanding tasks like drilling through hardwood or metal, while low torque is perfect for precision work. The built-in LED light ensures a well-lit workspace, adding accuracy to your projects. With wide application on wood, metal, and PVC, this drill is versatile for various DIY tasks. Designed for home use, it promises heavy-duty reliability, providing durability and a 6-month warranty. No load speed of 0-1500rpm, rated charging of 7.5A/48mins, chuck size of 1-10mm, and currents ranging from 0-25A.

Two-Speed PerformanceLimited Chuck Size
High Torque Setting 
Heavy-Duty Reliability 

IBELL Professional Tool Kit with Impact Drill Machine

The versatile Impact Drill Machine offers a rated input power of 650W and a no-load speed of 0-2800rpm, making it ideal for various tasks. With a 13mm chuck capacity, it drills through wood (25mm), steel (12mm), and concrete (13mm). Operating at 230V~50Hz, it belongs to protection class II. The combo box is a complete package, including the Impact Drill Machine and 115 different useful accessories for a wide range of applications.

Powerful PerformanceWeight: Actual weight not provided, potential concern for prolonged use.
Variable Speed 
Chuck Capacity 
Versatile Applications 

GOLDEN BULLET HI93 Impact Drill Machine

The Golden Bullet impact drill makes drilling effortless with its powerful 600W motor, delivering up to 2800rpm for superior performance. Ideal for various tasks, it comes with 6 high-quality drill bits for wood and metal. With a max drilling capacity of 20mm for wood and 13mm for steel, it meets diverse needs. The drill’s portable design, ergonomic handle, and durable construction make it reliable and practical. It features a sturdy, insulated, shockproof build and includes a drill chuck key, auxiliary handle, and depth gauge.

Effortless DrillingMay Lack Variable Speed
Multipurpose Use 
Insulated Shockproof Build 
Included Accessories 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the Best Drilling Machines in India?

  • The Best Drilling Machines in India are:
  • IBELL Professional Tool Kit with Impact Drill Machine
  • Bosch GSB 600 Corded Electric Impact Drill Machine

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