Best Amazon Alexa compatible devices 2022

All of the best compatible Alexa apps allow you to make full use of the smart Amazon voice assistant.

You can monitor them all with your voice if you couple-friendly intelligent lights, doors, microphones, TVs, and more to Alexa.

When you’re online, you can access some of Alexa ‘s best compatible apps without having to say anything.

The Alexa app helps you to build routines that automatically activate various smart home devices based on certain words.

It makes you become intuitive, safe, and effective at home.

You can turn on your smart light while the assistant is listening to your smoke sensor or adjusting the temperature on your thermostat on your departure or return home if you know how Alexa is used to creating routines.

Or you might just want Netflix and chill; to find your favorite series, you might need an Alexa-compatible app.

There are also hundreds, if not thousands, of intelligent home appliances operating with Alexa and promoting Amazon as such. And while everybody pretends to be the best, most of them do not fulfill this requirement.

So we checked that you can find the best compatible Alexa devices on this list.

The best Alexa compatible devices you can buy today

1. Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the best streaming services and Alexa-compatible devices, as is his ancestor, Fire TV.

This helps you to use your TV, cable box, and other mobile apps using your Amazon assistant.

This features an intuitive interface and excellent 4 K HDR image quality, and each Hulu to Sling and DirecTV Now streaming app.

The FireTV Cube comes as a bonus with an up-to-date remote Alexa, so if the Voice Assistant of Amazon can not locate something you are looking at (or if you don’t want to talk), you can always manually navigate.

The Fire TV Cube is priced at about 120 $and is one of the most expensive streaming devices, so budget shopkeepers can look at how they can handle Alexa’s most affordable Amazon streaming system with Fire TV Stick Guide.


  • Pace of execution
  • The cable box functions of Alexa are outstanding
  • Great standard 4 K HDR shot

2. Philips Hue White LED Starter Kit

There are several clever lights that work with Alexa, but we think the Philips Hue clever light is the best Alexa compatible system in this ilk.

Since Philips has the largest variety of lamps, and the Hue app helps you to do much more than most lights.

Philips offers different smart lights, but its simple Hue White Starter kit includes two bulbs and a small hub connecting the lights with your Wi-Fi.

You can command Alexa from there to dim the lights, and they’ll react.


  • Complete functionality
  • Works for a lot of intelligent homes
  • Unassuming

3. Lifx Mini

Philips Hue lights are tops when it comes to the best Alexa-compatible systems, but you do need to mount a bridge for power.

The Lifx Mini clever bulb will connect to your Wi-Fi network directly, making it much simpler to set up.

The Lifx Mini bulbs match a number of desk light lamps and small light fixtures with a length of just 2.2 inches.

You can turn on and off Lifx lights and set their luminosity, color, and schedule using Alexa.

There are also many cool lighting effects that you can produce: bulbs flicker like a candle, splash out with a spooky effect, stick and even change color with a sound beat.


  • No hub required.
  • Amazon Alexa works,
  • Android Wizard
  • Features other smart products Apple HomeKit and more
  • Suitable for small lamps

4. WeMo Mini

Smart plugs are the most popular of all smart home devices because they are simple to make and inexpensive.

Many of them are also working with Alexa.

But with its outstanding design, excellent software and the fact that it works with more than just the Amazon support, the WeMo Mini smart plug makes the list of the best Alexa compatible products.

Attach a lamp or coffee maker to the WeMo Mini so you can monitor it from a smartphone remotely or build a schedule to automatically trigger and disable it. We also like it’s in Home / Away mode.


  • Collaborates with Google Assistant Alexa
  • HomeKitHome / Departure fashion

5. August Smart Lock Pro

No wonder if the front door’s bolted shut during the night. ‘Alexa, lock the doors.’ The August Smart Lock Pro was one of Alexa’s first smart locks and remains one of Alexa ‘s best compatible hardware.

It is one of the best intelligent locks, actually.

The August Lock Pro third generation is bundled with the accessory for Link, allowing you to connect the lock to Alexa.

The $19 August Smart Lock is also a great unit that works with Alexa and you have a stricter budget, but you will have to buy the Wi-Fi link separately.

Recently, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has been released, a newer version 45% smaller with Wi-Fi enabled. August


  • Easy to mount
  • HomeKit, Alexa, Z-Wave, Nest, Google Help, and more
  • Flexible configuration
  • Practical vehicle locking and auto unlocking functions

6. Ecobee 5th Generation Thermostat

The smart thermostat of Ecobee’s 5th generation makes us one of the best Alexa-compliant apps, for it requires Alexa.

And you can use this thermostat if you want to communicate with Amazon ‘s help, but don’t need a separate smart speaker.

You get all Alexa ‘s apps, including calling, messages, and falling in, with the Ecobee 5th generation smart thermostat.

The new Ecobee has a much better speaker and stronger support for Spotify, so it’s good now — but not great — for playing tunes if you’re looking for a background music instrument.


  • Support for Full Alexa
  • Remote sensors improved
  • Spotify functions

Frequently asked question

How to check the best intelligent home devices compliant with Alexa?
We look at certain items before awarding a ranking to any smart home unit.

Facility to install: How easy to install the device? Equipment: How does the product function in its price range in contrast to others? Performance: Is it really functioning as announced? Is the software easy to use and sensitive? Price: How costly is it in comparison with similar devices? Although these are not the most critical criteria, they are a factor of its final rating.

How to select the best devices for Alexa?
Almost every intelligent home product works with Alexa, but it’s difficult to figure out which are the best. The following are things you would like to consider:
Design: Is this a good product? Design: For instance, in case of a smart plug, is it slim enough not to block your other outlet?
Function: How is the smart home device designed? If it’s a clever plug or intelligent light and can you set it on at sunset, does it have a Home / Away option?
Price: The lowest intelligent home appliance is not always the highest. A $10 gadget can tempt you, but before you buy it ensure it meets your needs.


Now that the Amazon app you ‘re searching for is available at the top of the list. We hope you find it. If you ask for our recommendation, the all-new Echo Plus (2nd Gen) should be proposed as the best Echo to listen to music and the Echo Point as the best Echo budget.

The Amazon Fire TV Sticks are different and will depend on what kind of TV you have if you want the best way to experience Kindle Oasis, you could choose between Paperwhite and the New Amazon Stick. 

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