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Top 8 Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools to streamline your social media strategy 2023


Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools :The benefits of artificial intelligence are not new to the marketing industry. Every day, new AI marketing tools emerge to help strategists save time as well as execute smarter, more personalised campaigns. According to 61% of marketers, the most important aspect of their data strategy is AI software.

For businesses, social media has become a primary means of customer engagement. Consumers go here to learn about the latest sales, promotions, as well as product recalls. It’s also where they discuss a brand, its products, and the industry as a whole.

With an average of 145 minutes per day spent on social media, brands have a tremendous opportunity to influence as well as engage with their audience.

That is why, now more than ever, brands must leverage the power of AI marketing tools to automate social media marketing and optimization. AI social media tools can generate custom-tailored posts, increasing engagement and transforming murky water into measurable and controllable liquid. Brands can also schedule posts, analyse results, and receive detailed performance reports.

So, keep reading as we discuss the best AI social media marketing tools for automating your marketing efforts and achieving your goals.

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools :Phrasee                        

Price: Custom Quote

Best Feature: Perfect for discovering and creating effective ad copy

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools-Phrasee

Phrasee is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool that focuses on “brand language optimization.” This AI-powered marketing platform works by enhancing the brand language used by businesses in their marketing materials. Using a natural language generation system and a machine learning algorithm, it can generate a copy for emails, Instagram, Facebook, and even push notifications. As a result, the copy is human-sounding, brand-compliant, and effective. Its customers include Virgin and Domino’s.


Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools:SEMrush

Price: (Monthly) $119 for Pro / $229 for Guru / $499 for Business

Best Feature: Position tracking lets you see where you rank for targeted keywords

SEMrush is the SEO equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. Its comprehensive suite allows you to conduct SEO, content marketing campaigns, social media marketing, PPC, analytics, and more. Its position tracker is one of its most powerful features. It allows businesses to track how they rank for keywords in comparison to competitors’ sites. You can even compare your site to the top 100 in Google’s organic or paid results.

Another outstanding feature is the Content Marketing Toolkit. It allows users to conduct topic searches to see what’s trending and then create content marketing plans from there. Lush Cosmetics, a popular ethical skincare brand, is one of their clients.


Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools:Seventh Sense

Price: (Monthly) Starts at $64 for Hubspot / Starts at $360 for Marketo

Best Feature: Optimizing email marketing campaigns

Seventh Sense, an AI email marketing campaign tool, ensures that your emails are delivered at the optimal time for each customer. This personalised service enables marketers to engage with their audiences more effectively, knowing that their emails will be opened at the most appropriate time.

The intelligent platform also aids in increasing email deliverability, which raises the sender score. This is a critical parameter for businesses that send hundreds or thousands of emails per week. Seventh Sense is only compatible with Hubspot and Marketo.



Price: Custom Quote

Best Feature: Optibot, the built-in optimization marketing bot 

Optimove is a customer data platform that includes AI-powered marketing functions. It aids in the collection of data from various platforms in order to provide a unified view of all information in a single dashboard. Businesses can easily analyse or share information, as well as decide on marketing strategies.

Optibot, their artificial intelligence tool, scours and analyses all customer data provided to generate actionable insights. It can advise you on which campaigns to discontinue based on loss or alert you to which customers may be overly exposed to company communication. John Hardy, Sweaty Betty, as well as the New York Racing Association Inc. are among Optimove’s clients (NYRA).



Price: (Monthly) / $11.99 for Business / $199 for Enterprise

Best Feature: Available 24/7 for customers, Easy drag-and-drop builder

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools Chatfuel is one of the most popular chatbots on the market. It aids in the automation of FAQs as well as the qualification of leads before they are directed to a live sales agent if they are ready to buy. It also integrates with a variety of third-party tools such as Calendly, Shopify, and Google Sheets. They even have an API if your system requires a customised integration.



Price: Custom Quote

Best Feature: Real time multi-platform bot, Great B2C 

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools Mobile Monkey is a multi-platform chatbot creator that makes it simple for businesses to manage their marketing chat content. It has a unified chat inbox as well as a toolbox of integrations for easy campaign scaling. They also provide InstaChamp, a fantastic marketing chatbot designed specifically for Instagram businesses.



Price: (Monthly) $29 for Standard / $79 for Pro / $129 for Agency

Best Feature: Great content generation feature

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools GPT-3 AI is used by GrowthBar to automate content generation. It can recommend keywords, word counts, links, images, and more. The tool can provide extensive backlinking as well as generate blog post content outlines. A Chrome extension is also available. OpenAI, a company co-founded by Elon Musk, developed GPT-3 AI technology. It’s the first AI technology to pass the Turing Test, which ensures that written copy sounds as human as possible.



Price: (Monthly) $39 for Individual / $99 for Team / $149 for Pro / $249 for Enterprise

Best Features: Powerful social media reputation monitoring

A company’s reputation is everything. Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools Brand24‘s powerful AI social media monitoring tool allows brands to track positive and negative feedback about their business in real time. It searches the web for conversations about the brand, products, and competitors. Aside from monitoring brand reputation, it also allows you to assess marketing campaigns and address potential issues before they escalate.

Start Using AI Marketing Tools Today

Best AI Social Media Marketing Tools we discussed in this blog are only a small portion of what is available. Whatever your marketing requirements are, you can be confident that an artificial intelligence platform is available to assist you in transforming your marketing campaigns.

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