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5 Best Mini ATM Piggy Banks in India 2024


Kesa hoga agar aapke bache bhi paise bachane sikh jaye? Give them this 5 best mini ATM piggy banks in India 2024

Do you also ever thought that piggy banks should be little classy. And why do we call a piggy bank? If you know comment down below. So, in todays article we will talking about electronic piggy banks which works as a mini ATM machine. You can deposit your money and it will automatically calculates the balance.

This mini ATM piggy bank can identify coin automatically and even you can set you ATM card password. This something the best gadget and also the cutest as well. You can gift it to your children and they can also use. At last financial education is important. It is so easy to use that even kids can use it as well. So, lets dive into the reviews to these mini ATM piggy banks and check which is best overall.

Patly ATM Piggy Bank

Piggy Banks

Introducing our adorable Pink ATM toy! This innovative design allows kids to electronically deposit bills like a real ATM. With a rotary switch and automatic paper scroll, it provides a fun and secure storage experience. A perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or New Year celebrations, ensuring endless joy for younger friends or children.

Key Features

·   Electronic Bill Deposit

·   Rotary Switch with Password

·   Automatic Paper Scroll

·   Realistic Bill Auto-Suction

·   Educational and Entertaining

·   Reasonable Space Design

·   Innovative Kid-Friendly Design

Educational and EntertainingLittle costlier
Durable and Safe Materials 
Cute and Innovative Design 
Perfect Gift Choice 

BAREPEPE Electric ATM Piggy Bank

The second in our list is BAREPEPE Electric ATM Piggy Bank Entertain your kids with our delightful ATM-shaped piggy bank, featuring real-time voice prompts and switchable music. Crafted from high-strength, eco-friendly ABS plastic, it ensures safety and durability.

With personal codes, auto-rolling bills, and a fingerprint sensor, it adds security and joy, fostering a habit of saving. The bank can store 600 coins or 300 bills, promoting organized saving. Easy to use, with a default password of 0000 and customizable codes, it makes for a sweet and practical gift, guarding children’s treasures and encouraging financial responsibility.

Key Features

·   ATM Shape Design for Entertainment

·   Real-time Voice Prompts and Switchable Music

·   Personal Codes, Auto-Rolling Bills, and Fingerprint Sensor

·   Larger Capacity: Stores 600 Coins or 300 Bills

·   Easy to Use: Changeable Passwords and Simple Setup

·   Guard Personal Items: Coins, Banknotes, Jewelry

High-Quality ABS Plastic MaterialBattery-dependent
Promotes Saving Habits and Financial ResponsibilityLimited Default Password Security
Suitable for Both Adults and Children 

BAREPEPE Electric ATM Piggy Bank

Piggy Banks

This one is again from BAREPEPE Electric Atm Piggy Bank. Entertain and educate with our ATM-shaped piggy bank featuring cute animal stickers. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, it includes personal codes, auto-rolling bills, and a fingerprint sensor for added security.

With a large capacity, easy usage, and the ability to store 600 coins or 300 bills, it encourages children to cultivate a savings habit. A perfect gift for birthdays or holidays, it safeguards kids’ treasures. Additionally, our attentive customer service ensures worry-free buying.

Key Features

·   ATM Shape with Cute Animal Stickers

·   Real-time Voice Prompts and Switchable Music

·   High-Quality ABS Plastic Material

·   Personal Codes, Auto-Rolling Bills, Fingerprint Sensor

·   Large Capacity: Stores 600 Coins or 300 Bills

·   Safe for Adults and Children

·   Versatile Storage for Coins, Banknotes, Jewelry

·   Customer Service: 24-Hour Response to Queries.

Finger print versatilityLimited Capacity Customization
Easy Password Customization 
Encourages Savings Habit in Children 

chikly Money Safe ATM

This ATM Piggy Bank mimics a real ATM with a coin slot and electronic paper money slot for easy deposits. Lights and squeaks accompany door opening and closing. Change the secret code easily and enjoy music with the press of a button. This electronic lock money box is a fun and interactive toy.

Key Features

·   Coin and Electronic Paper Money Slots for Deposits

·   Lights and Squeak Effects on Door Opening/Closing

·   Easy Code Change: Enter, Hold *, Enter New Code, Press #

·   Music Feature: Press * for Voice, 0-9 for Song Switching

·   Mimics Real ATM Machine

·   Choose Your Own Secret Code (4-digit)

·   Secure Electronic Lock

Engaging and Entertaining for ChildrenLess durable construction
ATM Bank Appearance with Unique Features 
Interactive Toy Design 

PATLY Money Safe ATM Kids Piggy

Piggy Banks

Our ATM Piggy Bank features a coin slot, electronic paper money slot, and realistic sound effects. Open the safe with code 0000, choose your secret code, and easily change it. Enjoy music with the press of a button, adding a playful touch to savings.

Key Features

·   Coin and electronic paper money slots for easy deposits

·   Interactive sound effects with lights and squeaks

·   Secure code system with easy customization

·   Simple code change process for added security

·   Music feature with voice and song selection

A realistic design resembling a genuine ATMBattery Dependency
Entertainment and learning 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best mini piggy bank to buy?

The best mini piggy banks are:

  • Patly Atm Piggy Saving Bank
  • BAREPEPE Electric ATM Piggy Bank

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