One Plus Monitor X27, E24 Launched In India: Price And Specification

One Plus Monitor X27, E24 Launched In India

Chinese electronics manufacturer OnePlus launched its first monitors, the OnePlus Monitor X 27 and OnePlus Monitor E 24, in India on Monday. The OnePlus Monitor X27 and E24 are available in 27-inch and 24-inch screen sizes, respectively. Priced at Rs. 27,999, Monitors X 27 will be available on the OnePlus online store from December 14th. Pricing and sales details for the OnePlus Monitor E24 will be announced at a later date, the company said in a statement.

OnePlus Monitor X27: Specification

The Monitor X27 features a 27-inch 2K QHD IPS screen with 10-bit color depth, 165Hz refresh rate, and 1ms response time. The screen supports High Dynamic Range Format (HDR) 400 for a better viewing experience. The monitor is Rhineland certified for low blue light and flicker-free images. Equipped with a multi-angle adjustment stand that can be adjusted from 0 to 130 mm in height. Valid tilt, rotate, and pan angles for the monitor are -5 to 21, -20 to 20, and -90 to 90 degrees. It features a 3-sided frameless design and built-in cable management for neat organization. It features a USB-C connector for easy sharing of content from tablets, smartphones, and laptops. There are multiple picture modes, such as standard mode, movie mode, picture mode, web mode, and game mode. The game mode has 4 sub-modes: MOBA mode, FPS mode, RTS mode, and RPG mode.

OnePlus Monitor E24: Specification

The Monitor E24 features a 24″ FullHD IPS screen with a refresh rate of 75Hz and, like the OnePlus Monitor X27, is Rheinland certified for low blue light and flicker-free images. The 3-sided frameless design with adjustable height stand (-5 degrees to 15 degrees). It features built-in cable management, USB-C port connectivity, and a customized multi-mode viewing experience.

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